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WDI Inspections

A wood-destroying insects inspection, often referred to as a WDI inspection, is a comprehensive examination of a property to identify the presence of insects that have the potential to damage or destroy wood structures. These insects can include termites, carpenter ants, powderpost beetles, and wood-boring beetles, among others.

During the inspection, we will thoroughly examine various areas of the property, both inside and outside, to look for evidence of these pests. This can involve checking for visible damage to wood, such as hollowed-out or weakened areas, as well as examining potential entry points, nests, tunnels, and other indicators of infestation. The goal of the inspection is to provide homeowners, buyers, and sellers with an accurate assessment of the property’s vulnerability to wood-destroying insects and to recommend appropriate treatment or preventive measures if necessary.

Given the potential for substantial structural damage and financial implications associated with untreated infestations, a wood-destroying insects inspection is a crucial step in property maintenance, real estate transactions, and overall pest management.