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stink bugs

Brown marmorated stink bugs are an invasive species that have wreaked havoc on orchards and farmers for years, but they don’t always stay in the fields. When temperatures start to cool, they often make their home indoors. Stink bugs can also get behind your siding or in your attic.

Stink Bug Stats 

Appearance: 5mm to 12mm with a distinctive shield shape.

When Did Stink Bugs Show Up: Stink bugs were first recognized in Michigan in 2010. 

Active Season: Stink bugs actively target crops from March through September, or whenever temperatures begin to cool. 

Winterization Season: Stink bugs move indoors in early autumn, and stay there through the winter. 

Are Stink Bugs Dangerous? 

Stink bugs cause serious trouble for farmers and gardeners, but they’re among the less risky indoor pests. Stink bugs are docile. They won’t bite you or your pets, they’re not known for spreading diseases or going after your pantry. However, they will take up residence in your house, and they’ve been known to do this in massive numbers. 

Having a stink bug infestation can be annoying, creepy, and difficult to get rid of. Plus, if stink bugs are squashed, they release an unpleasant odor that they’re named for. 

Preventing Stink Bug Infestations 

The best way to prevent a stink bug infestation is by ensuring your windows have screens and all your entryways have proper caulking or sealant. 

Avoid leaving unscreened doors or windows open. 

If you maintain a garden, try to keep it away from the immediate edge of your house. Even fall decor like rotting pumpkins might attract a group of stink bugs who are ready to find a winter home. 

Note: Stink bugs like plants! If you keep indoor plants, keep an eye out for stink bugs on the leaves. 

Getting Rid of Stink Bugs 

Squishing stink bugs between a tissue is never a good idea. The bugs release their stench when threatened or killed in a number of ways. Some people recommend vacuuming stink bugs and emptying the vacuum far away from the residence. However, this can still trigger the smelly response. 

Single Bug Issue

The best, smell-free way to remove a stink bug is to sweep it into a bucket with 2-3 inches of soapy water. Stink bugs can’t swim, so you can either drown them or carry them back outside. 


In an infestation scenario, there will be too many stink bugs for one homeowner to handle. They enjoy light for warmth, so if you have an infestation, you’re likely to know about it as the bugs will show up in visible places. Call (269) 424-3458 to get in touch with your local Cass County Michigan exterminators. 


To keep pests away, try a preventative pest control plan. At a once a month or once every-other-month level you can have a pest control expert walk the perimeter of your property and address any immediate pest problems.