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1/2″ long shiny black body. Hour glass on abdomen. Highly venomous. Venom attacks the nervous system. Most dangerous to the young and elderly. 

Brown Recluse Spider

1/4″ to 3/4″ brown with a violin just behind the head pointing to the abdomen. The bite can cause necrosis (tissue death). More common in the south.

Cellar Spider

Long legs and small body. Commonly seen in basements and cellars. They pose no real threat.

Jumping Spider

There are many types of jumping spiders. The easiest identifier is that they jump! These spiders do have some venom but tend to run away from humans.

Wolf Spider

Females are 3/8″ brown to grey in color and hairy with markings or lines. Males are 3/4″. They do not make webs.