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Six Ways to
Reduce Mosquitos


It’s cookout season, and while you’re out by the grill, mosquitos are waiting to make a meal out of you. While mosquito control is one of the most effective prevention tools you can use to reduce mosquito populations in your yard, there are additional steps you can take to receive fewer bites this summer.

Reduce Standing Water Sources

Have a pond? Get a fountain to keep that water moving. Clogged gutters? Empty them out! Keep your kiddy pools empty and your yard drained. 

Mosquitos lay their eggs in standing (still) water and damp debris, and one batch of eggs from one female can produce hundreds of new, blood-sucking nemeses.

Has it Rained Recently? Double check your flower pots, watering cans, grill or furniture tarp, sandbox toys and other sneaky water-holders to make sure standing water isn’t present near your house.

Load Up with Mosquito-Repelling Scents

You know your citronella candles, but you can also light candles with lemongrass, rosemary, or lavender scents.

Make Your Garden a Weapon

Yes, you can light candles, but you can also plant the real things! Try growing mosquito repellant plants in your garden and around the house. A few scents to try include:

  • Garlic
  • Basil
  • Lavender
  • Rosemary
  • Peppermint

Put Your Cup of Joe to Good Use

Okay, first things first. Neither coffee nor coffee grounds have been found to repel mosquitos. However, a number of studies have revealed that spreading dark coffee grounds in dirt or standing water can prevent mosquito larva from growing and make eggs less attractive to male mosquitos who might fertilize them.

No, it’s not a perfect solution. Brown water in the birdbath isn’t attractive but in moist soil? Coffee grounds can be a benefit to plants and limit mosquito breeding near you.

Keep the Air Moving Too

Like standing water, mosquitos are most likely to show up and bite when the air is still. If you have the opportunity to add an outdoor fan to your porch or patio, you’ll make the area a less friendly flying zone for mosquitos.

Use a Mosquito Control Service

We said it at the beginning, but it’s worth saying again. Mosquito control is the best way to reduce mosquito populations, and if you live in a damp area or near the woods, it’s an especially good investment for your family, friends, and pets.

Treatments start at $60 and last for 21-30 days.

Whatever you’re up to this summer, we hope your activities involve fewer mosquitos, fewer itchy bites, and fewer worries.

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