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Preparing for
Spring Pests


Spring is a buggy time of year, so while you write down your spring cleaning tasks, add some preventative pest control items to the list. 

What Pests are Popular in Spring? 

Weather plays a huge role in when pests wake up. Michigan’s cool spring climates can vary drastically from year to year, meaning pests that show up in March one year might come in April the following year. 

No matter what the weather brings, you can count on these pests becoming more active during the spring season. 

  • Spiders 
  • Cockroaches 
  • Fleas 
  • Ants 
  • Termites 

Tips for Deterring Spring Pests 

What can you do to reduce the population of pests on your property this spring? We’ve got some tips. 

Watch for New Entry Points from Winter Damage 

Many bugs aren’t an issue outside of the home, but inside? They wreak all sorts of havoc. During the winter season, roof panels can rot, window screens can tear, and other parts of your home may have new entry points for bugs to sneak into. 

Remember, both winter and spring cause regular freezing and thawing. Small cracks get bigger during this freeze-thaw cycle, creating new entry points for pests to take advantage of. 

Reduce or Remove Moisture Wherever You Can 

Pests like silverfish, cockroaches, and mosquitos love moisture. Reducing high-moisture areas goes a long way in reducing the appeal of your property and home for pests. 


Clear out your gutters to keep rainwater from sitting stagnant near your home. If you set up a birdbath, empty and refill the water regularly or add mosquito prevention dunks to keep it from becoming a breeding ground. Take a walk around the yard after a rainstorm to see if water pools on your property. 


Look for moist areas in your home like your bathroom or basement. Consider purchasing a dehumidifier for water-dense areas to make them less appealing. 

Switch Up Your Storage 

While you’re combing through your belongings, consider packaging them differently. Many bugs and rodents have no problem with eating or gnawing through cardboard or trash bags to get to your food, fabrics, and more. 

Instead of cardboard boxes or bags, try storing food and household items in sealed, plastic or glass containers instead. This cuts down access to appealing snacks that attract bugs inside. 

*Bonus* – Did you know that spiders like to hide? Most of the time you’ll spot spiders in dark or cluttered corners. Having items tucked away in secure storage is one of the best ways to keep spiders on the outside. 

Look Out for Swarms 

Termites often swarm in spring, which means that if you have an infestation, the swarming season is when you’re most likely to spot them. Each termite clan will very likely only swarm for a short period each year (one or more times during only one week), so keep an eye out to alert your pest control company about a potential infestation as soon as possible. 

Facts About Termite Swarms 

  • Often occur on the first warm (approximately 70 degree) day of the year 
  • Common after a heavy rain 
  • Happen during the day 
  • Only occur during spring, while ant swarms can happen later in the year 


Is it termites or ants?: Termite swarmers have temporary wings. The swarmers lose the wings when the swarming process is complete. If you see thousands of wings in a spot on your property, you’ve encountered a termite swarm rather than flying ants. 

Spring is Wake-Up Season for Bugs, But Many Pests Stick Around for Summer! 

While this list covered some of the most popular pests of spring, remember that summer is just around the corner! Mosquitos, wasps, stink bugs and more are only a few months away from adding to the chaos. Many actions you’d take against spring pests help prevent summer pest infestations too, so no time and effort is wasted.