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WhAt to do about pests

Pest Control versus Extermination

Taking Care of Ticks, Termites, Mosquitos and More 

The first signs of a pest problem cause panic. No one wants rodents in the kitchen or ticks in the backyard. We may say “don’t let the bed bugs bite” before bed, but actually thinking of the critters makes our stomach turn. Fortunately, there are a few methods for handling pests: pest control, and extermination. 

What’s the Difference? 

Pest control often includes preventative methods of reducing the pest population in and around your home, while extermination aims to eliminate pests altogether. Because pest control is largely preventative, it often occurs on a recurring basis. Exterminators, on the other hand, are usually called to solve a single pest issue. 

Pest Control Services 

Pests aren’t universal. Each poses a different threat level and requires a different pest control technique. While we have methods of pest control for a variety of insects, rodents, and other unwanted creatures, our two most popular are tick control and mosquito control. 

Tick and Mosquito Control 

Ticks are pests that live and breed in wooded areas where they feed on the blood of animals like dogs and deer. Unfortunately, they will choose human hosts and can spread harmful diseases to us through the blood.


Mosquitos are other blood-sucking pests that carry harmful diseases like Zika virus and the West Nile Virus. 


Both tick and mosquito populations in your yard can be controlled through source removal and/or product application. 


Source removal eliminates locations where the pests live and breed. Product application makes the targeted area less appealing and habitable to the pests. 

Mosquito and tick control are prevention and population control methods – not extermination. While eliminating the pests completely isn’t an option, regular source removal and product application can make your yard much safer. 


Our tick and mosquito control product is applied every 21-30 days, is environmentally-friendly, and safe for your family and pets. 

Scheduled Pest Control 

You can call a pest control service to address a temporary or one-time issue, but since we live in a world with pests, pest control is often better and more effective on a regular schedule. Scheduled, regularly occurring pest control services help reduce the areas where pests live, breed, and enter your home. 


Not only is scheduled pest control the best preventative action to take against pests, it’s also the best way to catch a pest problem before it becomes a severe issue. 


Armor Pest Control offers monthly and every-other-month scheduled pest control packages to keep your home, family, and pets protected. 

Exterminator Services   

Unlike pest control, which is focused on preventing pest problems, extermination services focus on eliminating a pest problem that already exists. 


This includes removing wasps nests, ridding a house of rodents, termite extermination, getting rid of bed bugs and more. 

Exterminating Wasps and Stinging Pests 

Some wasps can be docile, but many are easily agitated and can easily do harm to family, friends, and pets. Unfortunately, wasps often build their nests in high traffic areas like porches. 


Stinging pests aren’t fun for anyone, but they’re an extreme concern for anyone with allergies to bee or wasp stings. While some people feel comfortable eliminating wasps with DIY methods, no one with a stinging pest allergy should complete this task. 


When we exterminate wasps, we first examine the home for wasp nest locations. It’s not uncommon to have multiple nest locations around your home, especially if you have multiple porches and eaves where wasps love to live.


Once we’ve identified the wasp nest locations, we clear the areas and get rid of the pests.


The extermination application comes with a 30 Day Warranty, so if you see the wasps return before then, we’ll come take care of the issue at no additional cost.


From there, you can aim to prevent more wasp infestations with regularly scheduled pest control services. 

Bee Removal 

Armor Pest Control handles bee problems differently. 

Bees can and do sting humans, but they usually leave people alone if they’re not in danger. Still, having a beehive around the house increases the risk of stings. 

Even though bee stings hurt, bees are vital to our ecosystem. They pollinate flowers and fruits, giving life to many plants and foods we enjoy.

Bee populations are in trouble, so instead of exterminating bees, we will help transfer the hive to a better location for you and the bees. 

Termite and Carpenter Ant Extermination 

Wood destroying pests cause billions of dollars of home protection and repairs in the U.S. each year. Spotting a termite swarm, hearing a rustling sound in your walls, or finding mud tunnels around the exterior of your home could indicate a serious termite or carpenter ant infestation. 

Getting rid of these pests immediately is crucial for preventing further structural damage to your home. Call us for extermination right away to eliminate a wood destroying pest problem. 

Bed Bug Extermination 

Few pests give homeowners the chills like bed bugs. Critters nibbling on you while you sleep? No thank you. 


Travel is a bed bug’s best friend. The pests sneak into suitcases, clothing, and even stuffed animals. Once they’re in your home, they can move to picture frames, baseboards, bed sheets and other subtle hiding spots. 

Because these tiny pests are hard to spot, people often notice bed bug bites before they see the pests themselves. Or, if they only see a few little bugs around the house, they don’t assume they’re in the midst of a bed bug infestation.


Bed bugs easily hop from hotels to your home, and from your home to the homes of your friends and loved ones, so calling a bed bug exterminator early is an important step in stopping the creatures from spreading.


Due to their size and numerous hiding places, it may take more than one extermination session to get rid of bed bugs. You can trust Armor Pest Control to focus on your home until the job is done.


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