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Michigan Guide To

Preventing Bed Bugs

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Steps You can take to

identify bed bug signs

There may not be another single pest as “scary” as bedbugs. There’s something vampiric about them, waiting until you go to sleep to feed on your blood. It’s the stuff of nightmares.

To make matters worse, they have a predilection for human blood. Meaning they are selectively waiting for opportunities to crawl into bed with you, and dine on your hemoglobin.

What this translates into is a situation where normal pest management precautions don’t cut it. Preventing these creepy crawlers from getting into your home, then, is something of a challenge. A pesticide perimeter around your house will do nothing to stop their intrusion, as they prefer to hitch rides on their tasty host – you.

So what do these nosferatus of the insect world look like?

To begin with, newly hatched bed bugs look very different from adult bed bugs. Young nymphs are actually pale in appearance, AND they feed any time of day.  This can work to your benefit, however, as we tend to be more aware of the things on our skin when we’re awake. All of which is to say that if you notice a somewhat transparent insect feeding on your skin, you should probably rethink your day.

If you noticed any of the other signs of adult bed bugs, it may still be possible to stop this tiny pest from entering your home and multiplying into a real problem.

If you’ve already noticed dried blood or consecutive bite marks on your skin, give us a call immediately so we can walk you through next steps in the pest identification and removal process:

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Warning Signs In Public Spaces

What Should I do next?

First off, give us a call at (269) 424-3458. We’d be happy to go over the particulars of your situation and help you craft a tailor-made game plan to get rid of these pests for good.

The fact is, next steps for bed bugs are completely contingent upon present circumstances. For example, if you believe you’ve become the subject of a bed bug attack while on a business trip or vacation, there’s still a very good chance of you stopping any further infestation from taking place in your home.

While hiring an extermination team is the most effective way of getting rid of these vermin, if you’re currently on the road and have access to a clothes dryer you may be able to stop them dead in their tiny tracks. Intense heat is one of the most effective DIY methods for dealing a death blow. If you don’t have access to heat, you might try rubbing alcohol.

We’re here to assist! Give us a call at (269) 424-3458!