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If you have a business, you know you need to do what you can to protect it. But have you thought about arming your workplace against pests? Not only are pest problems gross, they can put the structure of your office at risk or spread infestations through your employees. Armor Pest Control is a commercial pest control company that’s here to keep pests out of your work and out of your life.

Pest Control Services for Businesses

Armor Pest Control provides pest control services for the medical industry, restaurants, office properties and warehouses. Commercial pest control services include one-time treatments to address current issues or preventative pest control to help seal off entry points and deter pests from your workplace.

Why do Commercial Businesses Need Pest Control?

Regular commercial pest control is vital for food and health industries that rely on cleanliness to serve their clients and keep their doors open. Pest infestations can close restaurants and condemn apartment complexes. They can also turn away potential clients, patients, and employees in standard office environments. Hiring a commercial pest control company can help with all this and more.

Pass Health Inspections

Workplace and client safety is extremely important in some industries. Preventative pest control can help your business prevent infestations by sealing cracks, applying pest prevention applications, and treating problems as soon as they arise.

Protect Employees and Customers

Some insects are just creepy. But rodents and other insects can carry diseases to humans or pets. Keep your employees, their pets, and their homes safe through pest control prevention measures.

Outdoor restaurants or recreational facilities may benefit from tick and mosquito control that provides customers with a better experience.

Protect Merchandise

Warehouses may be filled with valuable goods and materials that are vulnerable to pest problems. Wood, fabrics, food and other products and materials are especially important to protect against pests. By protecting your products, you reduce the risk of an infestation that ruins your stock.

Prevent Building Damage

Some of the worst pests are rarely seen. Wood destroyers like termites and carpenter ants burrow in your walls and beams, causing severe structural damage if the issue isn’t treated early on. Having to repair your office is an expensive undertaking. By hiring a commercial pest control company to perform regular inspections and services, you can prevent severe damage to the workplace.

Avoid Spreading Pests

Some pests are attracted to a location due to the temperature, moisture, accessibility, or building materials used in the facility. Other pests are hitchhikers. They travel with people. If your business is home to a pest infestation, you could be causing some serious pest spreads.

This is especially true with bed bug control.

No, you most likely don’t have beds in your office, but bed bugs don’t care. They’ll hide in baseboards, behind picture frames, in your throw pillows on the office couch and in the walls. Then they’ll hitch a ride home with your employees. If you see bed bugs in your office space, it’s your responsibility for the health and safety of your employees to bring in a professional pest control company who can eliminate the problem before it gets out of control.

Maintain Your Reputation

A bad Glassdoor, Yelp, or BBB review can leave your business struggling to find new business or recruit new hires. Nothing scares away employees like a rodent problem or a history of other pest infestations.

Both clients and employees want to work in and with clean environments. Even if you’re great at what you do, if your workplace has a pest problem, you might have a reputation issue on your hands as well.

Hiring a Commercial Pest Control Company

The cost of commercial pest control varies depending on the size of the facilities and the frequency required for the services. Armor pest control provides one-time pest control applications to stop infestations in their tracks or regularly scheduled pest control to help prevent future problems.

Our Process

We get started by doing a walkthrough of your business. If you have a current pest problem, we’ll do a property inspection to analyze the problem spots and the needs. If you’re getting preventative pest control, we’ll be looking for places where pests might enter the building and create a plan for protecting your space.

Our goal is to keep your business pest-free. We treat pest problems quickly and provide thorough quotes based on your company’s needs. Contact us to get started on a pest control quote for your business.

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