Identifying Homes of Stinging Pest

Identifying Homes of Stinging Pests Wasp Nest? Hornet Nest? Or Bee Hive? You can tell wasps, hornets, and bees apart by their bodies, but it can be risky to get close enough to a stinging pest to identify its subtle traits. One of the easier ways to tell stinging pests apart is by their nests–but make sure to […]

Six Ways to Reduce Mosquitos

Mosquito on denim

Six Ways to Reduce Mosquitos It’s cookout season, and while you’re out by the grill, mosquitos are waiting to make a meal out of you. While mosquito control is one of the most effective prevention tools you can use to reduce mosquito populations in your yard, there are additional steps you can take to receive […]

Preparing for Spring Pests

brown dog tick, Rhipicephalus Sanguineus on white fur

Preparing for Spring Pests Spring is a buggy time of year, so while you write down your spring cleaning tasks, add some preventative pest control items to the list. What Pests are Popular in Spring? Weather plays a huge role in when pests wake up. Michigan’s cool spring climates can vary drastically from year to […]