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Bed Bug Extermination 

No one likes the idea of sleeping with blood-hungry critters, but that’s the reality for thousands of Americans each year. Bed bugs are undesirable, but an all-too-common problem for people in all fifty states of the country. Fortunately, if bed bugs come to your home, you can get rid of them.

All About Bed Bugs 

What Bed Bugs Look Like: Ovular body shape. Typically reddish brown. May appear flat or rounded. 

Where Bed Bugs are Found: Residences and items including bed frames, stuffed animals, mattresses, baseboards, wheelchairs, and other spaces. 

How Bed Bugs Spread: Travel – they can easily come with you in your suitcase or on your clothing if you’ve stayed in a location with bed bugs. 

Think You Have Bed Bugs? Look for These Signs. 

Bed bugs survive on blood, but not everyone reacts to bed bug bites. People with sensitive skin may develop itchy bite marks within an hour while others take 3-14 days for the spots to show. If you do wake up with small, itchy bite marks, you may have bed bugs. Other signs to watch for include blood spots on your sheets, fecal matter from the bugs on sheets or clothing, or even seeing one of the bugs themselves. 

Any of these signs can indicate a bed bug infestation. If you think you may have bed bugs, it’s worth calling a bed bug exterminator to audit the situation before it gets out of control. 

Getting Rid of Bed Bugs 

No one wants to admit they have a bed bug problem. Having bed bugs often makes homeowners feel like they must keep a dirty household or have done something wrong. Believe it or not, bed bugs are not caused by poor sanitation. Like lice and fleas, they usually spread through a chance encounter that introduces a population into your environment. 

If your house has bed bugs, it’s critical that you get rid of them as soon as possible. Female bed bugs lay hundreds of eggs during their short 4-6 month lifespan, and the longer bed bugs stay in your home, the greater the chance that they’ve spread somewhere else. As bad as having bed bugs is, spreading them to your family and friends’ homes is worse. 

If you have any of the signs of bed bugs, call us right away. Our bed bug exterminators can come to confirm a bed bug problem and quickly eliminate the pests. 

packing a suitcase
Bed bugs are also found in suitcases after travel

Bed Bug Facts