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Have you noticed ants or mice scurrying around your home or business? Maybe you haven’t seen them at all, but have come across droppings. Should you be worried? While the first signs of pests or rodents might not raise concern, you should always act quickly before you have a full-scale infestation. Contacting a pest control service as soon as you suspect a problem can protect your health, home, and business.

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Protect your health

From nearly microscopic ticks to 10” rats, there are dozens of types of vermin that threaten your health. To the right, we have listed a few common pests and how they can harm you. 

Protect your home

Here in Michigan, ants are the most common pest invading homes every year. And while ants are more of an annoyance than anything else, there are plenty of pests in the area that can be serious risks to your home. 

Protect your Business

On top of protecting your business from structural damage, regular commercial pest control is vital in some industries. While pests can invade anywhere, businesses in foodservice and warehousing are at higher risk of an infestation because vermin are enticed to go where there is plenty of food. Likewise, businesses in property management and health care can be financially hit the hardest by losing clients due to pests. 

What should I do next?

A quick Google search can offer you everything from what plants “naturally repel bugs” to where you can buy insect control spray for your home. But unless you know what you are up against, you should call a professional pest control company. Exterminators can identify exactly what pests you have, know how they are getting into your home, and are licensed to use strong, controlled pesticides. They not only rid your home or business of vermin now but will take the necessary steps to prevent a future infestation.

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