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For years, Armor Pest Control has delivered consistent, high-quality extermination and pest control services to Cass County Michigan. Put your property under our protection and keep pests away from the ones you love. 


You can take preventative measures to reduce pest populations on your property. However, pests that make it inside are dangerous and difficult to handle. Spotting even one bed bug, rodent, or termite is almost always a sign that your home is infested. 

When infestations happen, act quickly. Every day that goes by increases your risk of contaminated rooms, food, and home or property damage. 

Facing a Pest Problem Now? Call (269) 424-3458 For An Extermination Estimate.  

Preventative Pest Control 

Not all pests act the same. Rodents move indoors during the winter. Carpenter bees and other stinging pests are popular during the summer season. A regular pest control service is your best armor against all kinds of pests. 

Our monthly and every other month subscription offerings allow us to treat pest problems before they get out of hand. In addition, we offer a one-time treatment solution for short term pest prevention. 

What’s Included? 

  • Property walkthrough to identify potential problem areas 

  • Helps prevent exterior pests like mosquitos, spiders, ladybugs, fleas, ticks and more for 30 days. 

  • If a second treatment is needed during a month – our second visit comes at no additional charge! 

What’s Not Included? 

Pest control programs target exterior pest issues that can move indoors. Indoor pest problems require a different level of service to solve. Interior issues like rodent, termite, or bed bug infestations are quoted separately. 


We Are Here To Serve You!

  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • If pests return between treatments, your Armor-Pest Tech will return for a touch up at no extra charge
  • If we are unable to solve your pest problem, we’ll refund your last service payment for as long as you are our customer


30-Day Money Back Guarantee