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Exploring DIY Pest Control Versus Professional Extermination

Is Hiring An Exterminator Worth It?

With so many DIY options for pest removal on the market, many homeowners wonder if hiring an extermination company is worth it. Analyzing the pros and cons of personal and professional pest control and extermination services can help you decide whether it’s best to take on the pests or call in a pro. 

The Pros and Cons of DIY Pest Control and Extermination 

DIY pest control is usually cheap. Cans of hornet-killing spray are available for less than $5 if you’re willing to put yourself within a few feet of a swarm of angry stinging pests. Mouse traps and ant poison is also inexpensive and readily available. 

So why do people turn to pest control and extermination companies? 

For many, getting in close contact with pests is scary (did we mention the stinging hornets?) or gross (no one likes a dead mouse) or time consuming (chasing a bat in the attic) or straight-up impossible (we’re looking at you, bed bugs). 

Professional pest control companies are used to getting up close and personal with the pests that freak us out and elude us in our homes. A one-off pest sighting may lend itself to one of the DIY solutions, but regular pest issues or infestation concerns should probably be turned over to the masters.

Here’s why. 

Professional Exterminators Know How to Find Pests 

One of the reasons exterminators and pest control companies exist is because pests and pest hideouts can be hard to find. You might spot a mouse scurrying across your floor, but finding where it came from is often a more difficult task. 

Exterminators are pros at uncovering where pests live, breed, and enter your home. They can identify things about your home, porch, and yard that are attractive to pests and help you reduce the appeal of your home to unwanted critters. 

In some cases, it may be worthwhile to try a simple DIY pest control solution. However, if recurring or serious pest problems arise, don’t wait to call a professional who can find the source of the issue quickly, and more importantly, remove it. 

Professional Exterminators Remove Pests Quickly, Safely, and Effectively 

Doing DIY pest control may be less expensive than professional extermination services. However, because most homeowners don’t know the best ways to find and get rid of bugs, rodents, and other creatures, it often takes them longer to get the job done. 

Having to repurchase DIY materials for a pest control problem that doesn’t go away wears down your wallet, your morale, and your comfort in your own home.  

Professional Extermination and Pest Control Companies Can Help Keep Pests Away for Good 

The biggest issue with DIY pest control is that it puts pressure on you to find the pests, get rid of them, and keep them away from your home. This requires professional knowledge about where pests hide out, safe methods of removal for the remover and for your pets and family, as well as methods of preventing future infestations. 

Professional exterminators are trained to safely spot and remove pests. We take it a step further by taking care of problem areas in and around your home that invite pests in. This includes removing standing water, home entry points, and more. 

We use products that are safe for you, children, and pets. With a one-time extermination service, you can rest assured that your pest problem will go away. With recurring pest control, we’ll reduce the risk of them coming back (and take care of them if they do). 

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